Sunday, August 24, 2014

Busy, Busy!

School officially started back two weeks ago, and I am slap worn out! August and September are always tough on teachers ... but this year I'm not sure how I will make it! I've been at school almost everyday from 7:15-5 and then I come home and crawl to the couch. After that I can barely move! I'm so tired and feel like I can't catch up on my sleep.

Ryle and I went back to the doctor this week for another ultrasound. Both babies were measuring 7 weeks 5 days, which is what I was. Baby A's heart rate was 171 and Baby B's heart rate was 164. The doctor said everything was looking great, so we go back in two weeks. At that point I'll be almost 10 weeks and I think I will be released from the fertility clinic then. It's really sad to think about because they are like our family. I talk to them more than I do some of my family, they know our names when we walk in, they understand how hard our journey has been, and it's going to be really sad to say good-bye! I know that it's also a good thing to be released to a regular OB, but then again, it will be like starting all over.

Anyway, the doctor is starting to take me off of some of my medicines! I finally get to say good-bye to the hormone patches and one of my shots - these will be replaced with Estrace (a twice daily pill). I will still continue the daily progesterone shot until I'm released. It's going to be a long two weeks before I can see my sweet little babies again! Come on September 4th!

7 weeks 5 days! They have grown so much is just a week! 

My two little Blueberries!!

Friday, August 15, 2014

The Best Days

I know many of you have been stalking my blog waiting for an answer to how our FET cycle went, and some of you already know. But just in case you don't already know, here's a recap of the past 3 weeks:

July 28, 2014 was our Beta day. Instead of driving 3 hours to the doctor, we got orders to have my blood drawn here in town. So after our daily shot, we rush to the hospital. As soon as we leave, I get a text that my brother's girlfriend was in labor. I'm not going to lie, I had a COMPLETE BREAKDOWN! I lost it. I couldn't talk or breathe, I was a total mess. I couldn't understand why on that day he got to have his baby, and I might find out that our cycle didn't work and that we lost our two babies. I literally spent the whole day in bed. Finally the nurse calls me around two o'clock to tell me that the hospital in town did not run my order as Stat, so I would have to wait until Tuesday to get my results. I had another COMPLETE BREAKDOWN! All of my trying to conceive sisters know, the two week wait is pure torture, and then having to wait an extra day ... well excuse the language, but that was pure HELL! After I pulled it together and put my big girl panties on, we finally went to the hospital to visit baby Kyle. He was absolutely precious. Here's a picture:

July 29, 2014 at 8:30, my nurse calls. My heart stops. Ryle has already left for work and said that he doens't want me to tell him anything on the phone. I can't breathe. I finally answer the phone, and she says "CONGRATULATIONS". My response was "MRS. JACKIE STOP IT! ARE YOU SERIOUS? YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS? IS THIS FOR REAL?". She has to reassure me for several minutes that my beta test came back positive and I was indeed pregnant. My beta number was 439 - which was excellent for 10 days past transfer. Holy cow ... I'm pregnant. After I get done sobbing to my nurse, I immediately call Ryle and say "I need you to come home", and then I hang up the phone! Lol - thinking back now, that probably wasn't the best way to tell him to come home considering he could tell that I had been crying. Luckily he wasn't too far away, and made it home in about 5 minutes. I'm just sitting on the chair in the living room crying, smiling, and holding my belly. Ryle lost it. He cried. I cried. We cried together. It was seriously one of the best days of our lives and a day I will never forget. I NEVER thought I would hear the nurse say "congratulations" after so many phone calls that start with "I'm sorry sweetie".

Who knew these things actually said PREGNANT?!
July 30, 2014 we had to go back to my doctor to get another beta test done. After a long day of waiting by the phone, the results are back .... and I'm still pregnant! They like for the beta to double. Well, mine more than doubled ... it came back at 962. After this, we set up our appointment for our first ultrasound. At this point, my symptoms were: fatigue, excessive saliva, frequent urination, extremely thirsty, and slightly sore boobs (which could have been from the daily progesterone shot).

August 6, 2014 Ryle and I drove to the clinic to have our first ultrasound. I was so excited, and then we get there and the nurse tells me that today it's mainly to check to see if the embryos implanted in the correct location - meaning your uterus and not your tubes. I start panicking and when I finally make it to the ultrasound room, I am in tears. I spent a whole week thinking that I was pregnant - and enjoyed every single minute of it, and then to hear that it might not even be true, well that just crushed me. Our ultrasound tech is Jennifer - she comes in put the ultrasound wand in, and immediately I saw the black spot. Then she says "Oh we have TWINS"! And I continued to cry! They implanted two embryos, we wanted both to stick, and now we have two gestational sacs that implanted in the correct spot. We are really pregnant! All we saw this visit were the two gestational sacs with the yolk sacs inside - no babies yet.

TWINS ... 5 weeks 4 days
August 14, 2014 Ryle and I go back for our second ultrasound. At this ultrasound, they are hoping that the babies are starting to develop and maybe even a heartbeat. I'm nervous the whole 3 hour drive down there. Once we get into the room the ultrasound tech puts the wand in and says "TWO HEARTBEATS". Ahh! I cannot even tell you how I felt. It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I think watching Ryle might have been the best part - he gets up out of the chair, walks up to the flat screen, looks back at me, and has the biggest grin I have ever seen on his face. I have waited so long to give my husband children ... and this just made the wait so worth it. Plus we saw both of our babies heartbeats. My symptoms this week: extreme fatigue, frequent urination, sore boobs, and I can't button my blue jeans!!! Trust me this is not from me over eating - I actually have no appetite (nothing sounds good to me and I eat less now than before I was pregnant!). I've had some light nausea, but it's mainly when my stomach is empty - no morning sickness yet.

I'm 6 weeks 5 days. Two babies measuring 6 weeks 6 days and two heartbeats!
I have two living things growing inside of me. I never thought we would get here. During fertility treatments, you get so focused on the treatment and the whole process, that you don't really think about what will happen IF it works. So now that we are pregnant with twins, I am just so .... happy for lack of a better word. There are no words to describe this feeling. We are so blessed to have such a great support system. I am so blessed to have Ryle as my husband - he is going to make a great father. We love these little babies so much already! Tomorrow I will be seven weeks. It's still very early, so all of our prayer warriors, please continue to pray for us and our babies.

My twin monkeys ... a sweet gift from a sweet coworker!! I also got cupcakes and the sweetest card from some other coworkers today! I love my school family!
Here are the weekly chalkboard pictures that we have right now:

Week 4 Chalkboard Picture .... Poppyseed!
Week 5 Chalkboard Picture .... Orange Seed!
Week 6 Chalkboard Picture ... Sweet Peas! #TwoPeasInAPod

Here are a few of our announcement pictures:


#teambabystone babies are due in 2015

I am in love with this picture!!