Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crop Insurance Life

I love that I have the summers "off" - although I haven't had much off time since I've been getting ready to move to second grade. And lets be honest, all teachers LOVE getting their rooms ready! Organizing and decorating are my favorite parts! 

With some of my time off, I have been able to go to work with Ryle. He is a crop insurance adjuster ... yeah, I know, I had never heard of it either. But it's a real thing! In the past two weeks, I have traveled all over Arkansas and Louisiana. I love that he is self employed and that I can go with him some days. Shh! Don't tell him, but his job is boring! All he does is drive! Today we drove three hours to meet a farmer! Quality time with him is worth the long boring drive though and he loves his job because he isn't stuck inside all day.

Here are a few pictures in my few days as a crop insurance adjuster. Sorry for the bad quality phone pictures, but it's all I had! I got some lessons on how to tell when soybeans are mature, how to pull corn, how to identify crops in the field, and how to measure a field. Fun times!!

I asked how you know when it has beans in it ... well it has to be mature enough ... duh!

It was so HOT, but we got the field measured!

Pretty day to spend with the husband ...

On our way back from measuring field 

I love that my husband is from Transylvania!

My first sunflower field ... its so pretty!

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Moving On Up ...

Ahh I'm so stinking excited to be able to say that I'm moving up to SECOND GRADE!

It's kind of bitter-sweet for me though! I seriously love my first grade ladies! I think we might have had the most fun out of all the teachers in the school! We get along so well and work together great! Here are some pictures of our crazy fun!
Us at Jessica's hubby's graduation day!
50s Dress Up Day

Yes we are those brave teachers that take 100 first graders swimming every year!
100th Day of School!

Unplanned Black Day!
I'm going to miss teaching with them ... BUT the good news is that I only had to move right across the hall! I'm actually moving into my friend Cindy's old room ... she left last year to go teach at a private school. We miss her, but glad she likes her new school! This picture was us on her last official awards day:
Awards Day Fun 2012!
Anyway ... back to the subject at hand! I'm finally getting to move up to 2nd grade! I'm so stinking excited and nervous all at the same time. There have been and still are so many changes going on in the education field that it's overwhelming! It's a lot to take in. I think that this will be a great grade to teach and I'm ready for the change. The plus side is, I already know the group of kids moving up since I taught them last year. I don't know who is on my class list, but I think it's going to be a great year.

My husband is seriously the best thing in the world. I don't know how I got so lucky. He does EVERYTHING for me. I wouldn't make it without him. Ever since I found out I was able to move to the new grade, he has been helping me. We are almost moved out of my old classroom - just a few small things left to get. He painted my new room, helped me hang bulletin boards up, helped label my books according to AR reading level, and even helped me start decorating some of the bulletin boards. HE IS THE BEST! I don't know many husbands that would go help their wives decorate a classroom! Here are a few pictures of the progress so far! Enjoy :)

My grandmother made me some new curtains for my class!

See he's the best! Labeling my classroom library.

I LOVE the curtains! I'm keeping my owl theme and just adding stuff to it this year!

He did a great job!

My grandmother also made me a chevron cover for my computer! LOVE IT!

It's not a very good picture, but you get the idea. I'm adding Boho Birds to my theme this year!

That's all I have time for now ... we are heading to the ballpark to watch Ryle's cousins play some baseball! Oh I do want to show you how cute Ryle's granddaddy is! 
I could just hug him all day! He is adorable in that hat!
Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen in that hat?! We love him so much! Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

House Business Part 1

Someone should have warned us how stressful it is to sell a house! Holy cow!

I don't want to ever have to sell another house ... NEVER! Maybe it's not so bad if it's just you, but every single time the house was shown, we had to take all three dogs out with us. Please keep in mind that Kullen is about 150 lbs!! It's such a pain to put him and the two little dogs in the back of a vehicle and then to drive around town anywhere from 30 minutes to an 1 1/2 hours! It was especially bad when it was raining because Kullen would whine when we didn't roll the windows down for him. Here's a picture of Kullen in the jeep - this was a good day for him, we even had the top off! He loves it!

Kullen is a Jeep Dog :)
I'm seriously going to miss my house. This was the first house Ryle and I shared as a married couple and I just love it here. I'm only moving because he wants to - he wants more land and to be farther out of the city. If it was up to me, we would stay here. I do love where we are moving to, but we've done so much work to our house to make it the way we wanted. I mean when we moved in the walls were covered in 80's wallpaper, or the 80's wood paneling, the cabinets were a nasty brown color, the floor was covered in the original carpet or linoleum floors, and the counter tops were all Formica. Not to mention, I live one minute from work right now - I could walk to school if I wanted to ... but I've never wanted to! Haha. 

Here are some pictures of the improvements! I wish I could show you before pictures but they are already packed in a box! Maybe once we get settled, I can update with before and after pictures - but that will be a while :)

New granite counter tops and tumbled stone back-splash

Hardwood floors and no more paneling!!
New tile in master shower - it used to be fake marble.
Well we hope the next couple that lives here will love it as much as we have over the past five years. We have made lots of happy memories in this house!

UPDATE - Oh my gosh! I totally forgot another horrible thing about selling my house. My mom reminded me after I posted this. We finally got tired of driving the dogs around, so we took them to my mom's backyard. Well one of her dogs busted out the back door while I was going to the backyard. Let's just say that Kullen was not going to have another dog growl at him! Baby girl is about 50 lbs and when she growled he attacked! He was NOT going to let go of her neck. It took several minutes to get them apart. And when we finally did, Baby Girl had a pretty big hole in her neck. Mom took her to the vet and they wouldn't stitch her up, because when they went in to do that, they noticed that Kullen did more damage farther down inside of her neck. Needless to say, she had to have a drain put in for a week before they could stick her up. She is better now and back to herself! But I bet she won't growl at Kullen anymore - and we didn't give her the chance! We drove them around for every showing after that! We decided it was better to drive around for an hour than to have dog fights! We are so excited that all the showings are over!