Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crop Insurance Life

I love that I have the summers "off" - although I haven't had much off time since I've been getting ready to move to second grade. And lets be honest, all teachers LOVE getting their rooms ready! Organizing and decorating are my favorite parts! 

With some of my time off, I have been able to go to work with Ryle. He is a crop insurance adjuster ... yeah, I know, I had never heard of it either. But it's a real thing! In the past two weeks, I have traveled all over Arkansas and Louisiana. I love that he is self employed and that I can go with him some days. Shh! Don't tell him, but his job is boring! All he does is drive! Today we drove three hours to meet a farmer! Quality time with him is worth the long boring drive though and he loves his job because he isn't stuck inside all day.

Here are a few pictures in my few days as a crop insurance adjuster. Sorry for the bad quality phone pictures, but it's all I had! I got some lessons on how to tell when soybeans are mature, how to pull corn, how to identify crops in the field, and how to measure a field. Fun times!!

I asked how you know when it has beans in it ... well it has to be mature enough ... duh!

It was so HOT, but we got the field measured!

Pretty day to spend with the husband ...

On our way back from measuring field 

I love that my husband is from Transylvania!

My first sunflower field ... its so pretty!

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