Saturday, May 30, 2015

Birth Story Part 1

It's been a busy past few months! First let me pick up where I left off! My last post I was 30 weeks!

I was able to keep all of my gestational diabetes numbers under control with diet alone, which was amazing! I was also released from the high risk doctor not too long after this since we had made it so far. In February, I started feeling really bad - lots of LOW pressure, lots of back pain, and I just could not get comfy at all - not even to sleep! I kept getting checked for dilation weekly, but it stayed at 0! It got so crowded in there, the weekly ultrasounds were almost pointless - we couldn't see the babies faces or much less tell which baby was which! Here are the next few weeks pictures:

Around week 33, I was told that my doctor would be out of town when I hit 37 weeks so we would need to take them at 36 weeks. This meant I was going to get to have the twins on MY BIRTHDAY! I mean you canNOT ask for a better birthday present than that! So the C-Section date was set for March 12th. 

On Tuesday, March 3, I went in for my ultrasound. Baby Boy was weighing 4 lb 12 oz. Baby Girl was weighing 5 lb 3 oz. On Wednesday, March 4, 2015, I went in for my weekly checkup. Ryle was out of town, so my Mom drove me as it was getting harder to get around and especially sit behind the steering wheel! As soon as the doctor saw me, he said he was sending me to the hospital to get some labs done due to my high blood pressure and swelling. I was also 1 cm dilated and still 80% effaced. He told us if the labs were good, then I would be released, if not, then we are having babies today! Umm ... this is when I start to panic a tad bit! Ryle is 4 hours away, I canNOT have these babies without him! Thank the dear Lord that my mom was there because I was a nervous wreck!

We get to the hospital and they stick us in what I can only describe as a hallway, but turns out to be the c-section recovery area. The nursing student draws my blood, and we wait. About an hour later, in walks my doctor, and I knew right then that I wasn't going to be leaving the hospital that day. It turns out, my blood pressure was high (while on blood pressure medication), because I had mild preeclampsia and my platelet count was 106 - he said it should be around 150. If it dropped below 100, I couldn't have my epidural. He told me that I needed to call my husband and get him home as soon as he could. I think the doctor knew I was a mess, because he told me we would try and wait as long as we could to give Ryle time to come home. Its so funny because before Ryle left, I told him I will ONLY call him if it's an emergency. We must have discussed this a thousand times because he didn't want to freak out every time his phone rang. Well, it was an emergency because these babies were not coming into this world without their Dad! So I get him on the phone and he goes to tell his boss that he has to leave, etc. I spent the next four hours with my mom and sister in law! Those were the longest hours of my life! 

Thankful my sister-in-law was there to calm me down! And that she knew where everything was in my house since she had to go get my stuff!

And then Ryle makes it. He turned a 4 1/2 hour trip into less than 4 hours! I don't even want to know how fast he was going! As soon as he gets there, the nurses tell him to get dressed and everything starts happening so fast! 

I was so emotional and glad that he made it in time!
Ryle and his parents ... I made him wear a Daddy shirt :)
He's about to be a Daddy!
My Dad and I 

My Mommy and I 
It's time to have some babies!!!

Next thing I know, I'm being wheeled back by myself and I'm in tears. I was so scared about the epidural, scared about becoming a Mommy, scared that something would be wrong with the babies, and so thankful that this day was finally here. There are absolutely no words to express how thankful we were. It's still hard to believe! We tried for so long and the day was here ... WE WERE ABOUT TO BECOME PARENTS!