Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Card #2 = GONE

I guess you could say that I'm super motivated and I'm so excited! I just scheduled the final payment on credit card number two! As of Friday, it will be paid off! I can't wait! Now we have one more to pay off before Ryle will let me apply for the IVF loan. Card number three should take about three months to pay off. I'm aiming for the end of September! I'm ready to apply for the IVF loan now, but Ryle wants to get rid of one more monthly payment first. The only good thing about the loan is that if in the end we don't wind up with a baby, we will get some of the money back. Not a lot of it, but some which is better than none in my opinion.

This past Saturday, was the end of my first month doing Crossfit. And honestly, I just feel better overall. I hardly ever want to just sit and take naps anymore - which is my normal routine for summer time! I would love to tell you that the number on the scale has gone down, but unfortunately, it hasn't. Ryle and my Dad swear that it's because I'm gaining muscle. Never in my life have I worked out or lifted weights .... NEVER (except when we did the half marathon, and still all I did was run). I had no desire to lift weights or workout, and truthfully, I still don't want to. But here's the thing. With PCOS, you gain weight easily (and it's so hard to lose it) which makes it harder for you to get pregnant. So by doing nothing, I'm making it harder on myself to have a baby, which is just plain DUMB! We workout 5 days a week and I still feel like I'm going to die after every single workout. That's how out of shape I am! But some of the workouts are getting easier for me and I actually look forward to working out every day. I just hope that once school starts, I will still be motivated to come home and workout. But August and September just drain me!!

I'm thinking of implementing the Daily 5 in my classroom next year, so right now I'm reading a book about it and following some teacher blogs that are hosting a book study about it. That's really the only "school stuff" that I'm doing. I figured I would wait until August to start getting ready. For some reason, I'm just not that motivated to work on anything this year. I wanted to decorate my room with owls, but I just don't feel like dealing with it right now. I think it would be so cute to put owls on the tree that Megan painted for me a last year. Wouldn't they look adorable on there?! Hopefully by the time August gets here, I will be ready to go, but right now the only thing on my mind is getting the card paid off ...

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