Sunday, June 28, 2015

Birth Story Part 2

The twins are sleeping, so we will see how far I actually get in this story before one of them wakes up!

The nurse wheels me back by myself and they make Ryle wait down the hallway on a stool. He's not allowed in the OR until after the doctor has made the first cut. Now, I totally understand that this procedure is in place for a reason - they don't want any husbands upset if something goes wrong with the epidural or the first cut, BUT these people had no idea how badly I needed Ryle in that room with me! I mean this is the day we had prayed for, this is the day that our life was going to change forever! The nurse was super nice and sat there and rubbed my arm during the epidural procedure and while the MILLION other people in the room got set up, but it was not the same. I needed to hear Ryle tell me that our babies were going to come out and be fine. I needed his reassurance. I was an emotional wreck from the moment the doctor told me that I would become a Mom that day.

So Ryle is brought in to sit by my head and hold my hand ... finally! There was so much activity going on around me, which just added to my stress and I'm sure didn't help my blood pressure any! Then the moment finally arrives, Baby Boy A was about to arrive. They tell Ryle to get the camera ready and he stands up. I'm a crying mess. They pull him out, and I don't hear any crying, but don't think much of it because it is literally like a Grey's Anatomy episode in that OR! There are people everywhere ... now keep in mind we are having twins 5 weeks early, so not only do we have the doctor and his staff, we also have the regular nursery staff (a set for each baby), the NICU staff (for each baby), and respiratory therapist for each baby. They immediately take Canaan away to his corner and start working on him. I'm asking if he is ok and NO ONE will answer me. So I start to panic. But before I can get any answers, they tell Ryle to get the camera ready again because Baby Girl B is about to be born. Let me tell ya, Camille has got some lungs on her! She came out screaming and would not stop. So they take her to her corner and work on her. All this time I still don't hear Canaan .... mind you they were born exactly one minute apart so it hasn't been that long, but to me it seemed like an eternity!

We are finally told that Canaan had some trouble breathing and "getting started" so they had to "work" on him, but that he is doing fine now. I'm immediately relieved. Camille was doing great and practicing her screaming! Ryle is able to take pictures of them while they work on the babies. While this is happening, I'm telling the anesthesiologist that I'm so tired and can't seem to hold my eyes open. Then the next thing I know, Ryle is holding Camille and the nurse is letting me half hold Canaan. Then they are gone and I'm once again left in this room with a million people, but this time I'm so tired that I can't seem to stay awake. They told me it was ok to tap a nap and the next thing I know, they are about to transfer me to the recovery bed and all I can remember was seeing lots of blood on the operating table. I'm not sure how long I was out, but when I wake up, Ryle is talking to a nurse and then she wants me to answer all kinds of questions (how to spell babies names, can they have bottles, can the babies have a pacifier, etc.). Umm shouldn't you ask me that BEFORE my surgery because my husband did not know the answers! Then the most amazing thing happened ... they brought Camille to me and I got to hold one of my little miracles! That's a moment I will never forget ... I might have been drugged up and loopy, but I will always remember the moment they put her in my arms! Canaan wasn't able to come out at that time because they were having to monitor him and suck "junk" out of his lungs every few minutes.

It turns out Canaan swallowed a lot of blood and fluid before they could get him out which is why he had trouble breathing on his own at first. I also had complications because it turns out that my placentas were attached to my uterus, so the doctor had to "dig and cut" them out. Apparently, they should come out easily. I ended up losing a lot of blood which is why I was so tired in the OR and so out of it afterwards. There was talk of giving me a blood transfusion, but the doctor wanted to monitor my levels closely and then make the decision. Luckily I did not have to have one and my levels came up on their own.

Here are a few pictures of the birth and after.

They are working on Canaan and his breathing

Cleaning up Miss Camille

Canaan, 5 lbs 3 oz. Camille 4 lbs 14 oz

Our first family photo ... that's one proud Daddy!

Pure perfection!

She is perfect and this is a moment I will never forget! I wish that Canaan was able to be in this picture, but I'm glad that they were doing everything they could for him! 

Well Canaan is trying to wake up for his bottle, so I will update more when I can! 

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