Saturday, January 14, 2012

On the Roll ...

Well surprise! I started my cycle on Thursday.

We went to Baton Rouge on Friday for our baseline ultrasound and lab work. He only wanted to recheck a few of my hormone levels - LH, FSH, and E2. My ultrasound was all clear - no cysts. I have not gotten the lab work results back yet. They were supposed to call me yesterday afternoon, but I didn't hear from them. So first thing Monday morning I am going to be calling. I really want to know if my LH level was normal. Last time they checked, it was 43.2 on day four of my cycle - extrememly too high!

We got to talk to the nurse about the treatment plan for this cycle and it seems very complicated. There are all kinds of medicines that I will be taking. Starting Sunday, I will take birth control pills for 14 days. I will then go back to the clinic for another ultrasound to check for cysts one more time. Starting on that day, Ryle will get to give me shots in my thigh. This will be Lupron - it is used to supress my natural hormones. This will take place for 14 days. On my next cycle, I will start the Menopaur and Follistim shots in the stomach. That's really as far as she got with the instructions - they will go over more on our next visit. They did order my meds and I am currently waiting on the specality pharmacy to call me back.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers....

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