Friday, June 27, 2014

Lupron Side Effects

Today will be my fifth shot of Lupron and I'm already having terrible headaches and hot flashes/night sweats. I don't remember having so many headaches last round, but they are hitting me full force this time. So far I haven't had the crazy vivid dreams like I did last cycle, but I'm sure they will come around. Still waiting on AF to show up, once she does then I will start the other medication. That's the only update I have for now.

The t-shirt fundraiser is going great as well. The company upped our goal to 150 shirts. We need to sell about 28 more shirts to meet our new goal! You still have 4 more days to get your shirt! Please help us meet our new goal!!! Visit to help support our cause and also help raise infertility awareness!

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