Monday, June 16, 2014

T-shirt sales ... Please help!

It's time for our first fundraiser. The cost of all of our medication is finally catching up with us after six years of trying to conceive.

If you have a moment, please visit and take a minute to read our story. We are selling shirts to help offset the cost of the medication. The shirts are pre-order unisex. The front has the infertility symbol along with our team name. The back says "all things are possible if you believe -Mark 9:23". The deadline to purchase one is July 1st. After that date, the shirts will be printed and shipped. They are 20$ with a 5$ shipping charge as the shirts will be delivered straight to you. I'm hoping they will be in by July 18th so I can wear my Team Baby Stone shirt to my transfer. :) I BELIEVE that this will be our time. I spent a lot I time crying over our two babies that didn't make it this past cycle. But I have faith that we will become parents soon. 

Here's a sneak peak of the front:

Thank you in advance if you decide to help us out with the purchase of a shirt! We love you all! Let's go #teambabystone!!!!

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