Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gestational Diabetes

Latest Update ...

2 weeks ago, I went in for my 1 hour sugar test. After fasting for almost 9 hours, I had my blood drawn. The results came back and they want something less than 135 to pass. My number was 189! Holy Cow!! So I was sent to a Gestational Diabetes Counseling class the next day. It was two full hours of overwhelming information. I left in tears with a terrible headache. Of course I blamed it on the hormones. A big part of it was that I have an AMAZING husband who for the past 7 years has cooked dinner for me every single night .... in other words - I don't cook. Now he's out of town for a week and I'm supposed to completely change the way I eat. I had no idea what to do. Luckily I figured it out and he came home and my numbers have been good. The first week on the "new plan", I lost 3 lbs. I only gained 23 lbs with twins in 28 weeks - I didn't need to be losing weight. The second week, I didn't lose or gain any weight ... stayed exactly the same. But since my numbers are fine, I was released from "counseling". I still have to continue to check my levels 4 times a day. The pricking my finger 4 times a day doesn't bother me too much considering it took about 100 shots per fertility treatment cycle to get to this point. I'm just so tired of having all of the problems. I just want my babies to be ok ... I want them to make it to this world as healthy little miracle babies!

Yesterday, I had my 2 week check up with my OB. My blood pressure is still high and apparently the back pain I've been having were contractions. Who knew?! I've been put on blood pressure medicine to lower my BP and to help stop contractions. I'm also 80% effaced and 0 cm dilated. From now on, I will go in weekly for a sonogram to check on the babies development and to see if I have dilated any. We are trying to make it as long as possible, and hopefully they will stay put for another 4 weeks. I'm 30 weeks now and really want to at least make it to 34 weeks. 

That's all for now ... will update again next week! 

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