Monday, August 13, 2012

One Day Of Freedom

Well I think Ryle and I might have decided to put the baby issue on hold. Like for a while. He said he is happy with our life now. And I'm tired of stressing about it. It's taking longer than I wanted to pay off this last credit card. Plus we still have more debt to pay off after that. Do I really want to add 14,000 + to that?! Who knows! I'm just tired of thinking about it all the time. We always change our mind about this, but if we do decide to try again, I don't think it will be before Christmas. Anyway ....

I have one more day of freedom left before school starts back ... scary how fast the summers fly by! I plan to be SOO lazy tomorrow - it's going to be a sit on the couch and read kind of day! Well after I do my Crossfit WOD, of course! My brother has been my own little personal trainer everyday - it's great having him live here!

Here are some picture of more Owl Updates to my classroom ...

Owl-Standing Behavior ... found on another blog: First Grade O.W.L.s
Thanks to my amazing husband for helping me make it!

Writing Goals ... Pinterest Inspired

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