Sunday, November 06, 2011


Ok, well after my "crawl back in bed kinda day", my week started to get better. Ryle and I talked for a while about switching doctors and we both think that it may be a good idea. We now have an appointment with The Fertility Institute of New Orleans, which I will refer to as FINO. Instead of driving to New Orleans, we will drive to their Baton Rouge office. This is a 3 hour drive - only an hour or so longer than the old clinic. Not too bad honestly. We will be seeing Dr. Dunaway - on their website, it says that he specializes in PCOS. So I think this will be a good switch. Our appointment with FINO is on Nov. 14th at 1pm. I still have an appointment with the clinic in Shreveport for Dec. 2nd - just in case we don't like this new doctor!

Also, a dear friend of mine gave me an early Christmas present. It's an endurance bracelet. I love it and hope it helps me endure this TTC journey that Ryle and I are on. The charm on the end is a turtle which is just perfect - for two reasons: 1) the story says that turtles are the symbol of fertility and protection and 2) I gave this family a pet turtle that they named "Stony" (the kids think that this will help me remember "Stony" forever!) I just love it! This was exactly what I needed this week!

The headaches have gotten better as well. I'm still taking the 500mg of Metformin, but I'm also taking the 50mg of Zoloft. I haven't had a "terrible" headache since I started the Zoloft ... maybe that was the key!

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