Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Day

Well it was a great day! We had our appointment with FINO. And we just loved the whole experience! From the moment we walked in the door, everyone was friendly and welcoming! We loved the whole staff. I think that it was a great idea to switch doctors. Dr. Dunaway seems like a perfect fit. We were there a total of two hours. We gave our history, took our picture, talked, gave some blood, had an ultrasound, and set up a time for my surgery. Yikes - I know, surgery!

He thinks that I should have already had a surgery to "explore" my insides. According to him, I should already be pregnant. He thinks that there may be an underlying cause as to why nothing has worked so far. So as of now, we will go back to FINO on December 12th for an outpatient surgery. It's not a big deal. The whole surgery will last about an hour and is done laparoscopically (sp??). They did say they will let me spend the night simply because we are 4 hours away. So all together, I will miss about three days of work. Which at this point, if it will give me some answers, then I'm all for it. He will also "flush out" my tubes during this procedure.

After the surgery, we will discuss our options as far as IVF. We didn't really discuss that today, because he wants to make sure that there isn't another problem before we spend 10-15grand on IVF. Which makes total sense.

I just feel like a weight has been lifted off of me. This is the first time that I have left a fertility clinic with a smile on my face! I even left knowing that I'm going to have surgery and was still smiling! I can't stress enough how much we liked him. He was very down to Earth, friendly, personable, funny, and he seemed to care! He took the time to explain every single thing that we asked about. He went with me to get my blood drawn and was still talking/explaining things. We left knowing exactly what the plan was and felt confident about it.

They will call me later this week with the labwork results and to confirm the surgery. As of now they are "holding" the time/day for us. He just wants to make sure all of the labs look ok before we offically book it.

Well it's been a long day of traveling. 8 hours in the car and I'm exhausted. Hope this all makes sense! Thanks for the kind thoughts and prayers :)

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