Monday, November 28, 2011


Well, good and kinda not good news. FINO called back last week with my lab results and information about my insurance coverage for the surgery.

Good news first, the insurance will cover 100% of my surgery! Yay!  The surgery is scheduled for December 12th at noon. We will have to be there at 9 am to be admitted, etc.

Now the kinda not good news. My labwork results are in and everything looked good except my LH level. It was too high for that early in my cycle (I was day 4/5). She said my level should only be that high around ovulation. So after the surgery we will have to recheck that test. They just want to make sure that it wasn't a lab error, etc.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving because I know that I did! We spent the whole day with my family and it was wonderful! Then we spent the weekend deer hunting. It was an amazing week! Here are some pictures of the week!
Ryle, my Dad, and Bryan frying the turkey

Sweet Abby on Thanksgiving Day

Ryle and I on Thanksgiving Day

Black Friday Crossfit WOD

Ryle and I on Black Friday

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