Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Answers ... I just love them!

Well let me start from the beginning. Sunday we left and went to spend the night in Natchez with Ryle's grandparents. It was nice to get to spend some time with them since we didn't go down for Thanksgiving and it doesn't look like we will make it for Christmas either because of his work. Natchez is about half way to Baton Rouge, so we left there at 7 in the morning.

We got to Baton Rouge at 8:50 - about 25 minutes before I was supposed to be there. Traffic wasn't as bad as we thought it would be. Finally they call me back about 9:15, but they said that Dr. Dunaway had to do two egg retrievals that morning in New Orleans and was running about 45 minutes late. We went ahead and did all of the paper work while we were waiting. Finally he got there around 10 and we were able to talk to him.

I had some questions about the lab results from our last visit and to say he scared me was an understatement. He said that the high LH level could mean three things - 1)lab error, 2)severe PCOS or 3)something wrong with my pituitary gland. He said something about how LH secreting tumors in the pituitary gland are very rare and he has never seen one, but they can happen. So on my next cycle, he wants to check that lab again. He will decide what to do from that point. Yikes - I did not like hearing the word tumor. Not at all. But I'm not even going to think about that right now.

He then sent us down to admissions to fill out even more paperwork. And then we went up to the second floor. I had to go back by myself to get changed and so they could get the IV started. I did not like being away from Ryle. I was a ball of nerves. Finally he was able to come back and sit with me while we were yet again waiting on Dr. Dunaway. He wasn't too late this time. My surgery was scheduled for noon and he got there around 12:15.
Nervous but ready ....
At that point, I don't really remember much. They gave me the "feel good" and relax medicine and then took me straight to the back. The surgery took about an hour and then Ryle was able to talk to the doctor while I was taken to recovery.

Dr. Dunaway flushed out my tubes during the surgery and they were all good and clear. He did find some endometriosis on my ovaries and uterus. While he was in there he burned all of the spots off with the laser. Apparently this is why none of the IUI's have worked for us. While I am glad that he found it, why in the world didn't the other doctors think about it? It's kind of frustrating. I am glad that we have some answers and I am glad that is was fixable. There is a chance that the endometriosis can come back, but according to Dr. Dunaway, he bought us enough time to get pregnant.

It took me forever to get out of recovery. I remember the nurse telling me that I had to get my breathing under control before she could let me go and see Ryle. Apparently I had very shallow breathing. They kept telling me to take deep breaths. I think I was in recovery for about an hour and a half. They finally let me leave recovery and the movement made me feel sick. So they wouldn't let us leave the hospital. We ended up leaving Baton Rouge around 6pm. I was so ready to get out of there.

I'm very sore but so glad that we have some answers. I will call to schedule my follow up appointment soon. I'm not sure what our next step will be because I am still dealing with the PCOS issue. If he suggests that we continue fertility treatments, I want to try another IUI now because hopefully it will work with the endometriosis being gone. I don't know, we will just have to see what he says. I'm so very thankful for my new doctor, for my amazing husband for taking care of me, and for all of our friends and family for the kind thoughts and prayers. I truly am blessed.

Here is some information on endometriosis that I found online:

Ryle and I are both praying that this is the answer we have been waiting for. We want nothing more than to be parents and hopefully in the next few months we can share some great news with all of you. Thanks again for the support and prayers. We love you all!!

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  1. What an answer to prayer! So glad you have found some answers! I'm praying with you that this was the solution you've been waiting for! What a faithful God we serve! He is walking with y'all through all of this!