Thursday, June 02, 2011

Cycle Day 2

Let me just start by saying that Ryle went with me today! Yay! Well my visit with Dr. V was as good as can be expected, I guess. He said I was having a true period this time and that my ovaries were clear - no cysts. He took tons of measurements of both ovaries (this is normal). He also said he saw 17 follicles on the right side and 15 on the left. I found this weird because he has never mentioned seeing them before on our baseline ultrasound visit. Or maybe I just never heard him say it. I don't know. Just because he saw that many doesn't mean anything really. Let's just hope I have some mature enough with the medicine.

He planned for us to start our Repronex shots tomorrow night. I will do one a night for four nights. We will return to the clinic on Tuesday, June 7th, at 8:15 in the morning for another ultrasound and some blood work to see how the follicles are developing.

Right before we left, he said that he wanted to draw some blood today to check for early ovarian aging. Talk about freak me out! I'm 26 and he thinks my ovaries are old! Heck, I know I'm almost 30, but come on! So you know me, I get home and start looking things up on Google. I finally had to stop because it was stressing me out even more. Finally the nurse called me back *at 4pm* and said that the results were normal. So yay! I think that means my ovaries are normal for a 26 year old. At least it will make me feel better to think that they are normal. I know they aren't, I mean they don't even produce mature follicles without help. But I didn't want them to add another problem to my list.

So tomorrow is the big day. The day I've been waiting for. It only took me six months to get back here, but we finally get to start the shots again. I know Ryle enjoys it because he gets to poke me with a needle everyday. But I was thinking about trying to give myself a shot this time. I'm almost sure that I won't be able to, but I think I want to try. We shall see ....

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