Tuesday, August 02, 2011


As the date for checking my tubes gets closer, I have conflicted emotions. On one hand, I would love for them to say that my tubes are free and clear. That would mean that's one problem that I don't have! It seems there is always something wrong with me, so I would welcome the news that they are not blocked. But on the other hand, I almost want them to say that they are blocked. That way there will at least be a reason for not being pregnant yet.

I'm just ready for my cycle to start so I can call and make the appointment!! So glad that my mom offered to pay for the test in case my insurance company won't. Ryle and I have really been blessed with amazing parents. My dad bought all of my medication for last cycle, his parents help us out almost anytime we need it, and now my mom is helping us get answers as to why we aren't parents yet. I love my family ... just wish that we could start our own!

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