Sunday, October 30, 2011

Half Marathon

WOW! It's been an amazing weekend. On Friday afternoon, we set off toward New Orleans for the half marathon. After a long day at school and not feeling so well (thanks to my Metformin), the last thing I wanted to do was ride in a car for 4 1/2 hours! But I made it! We stopped in Hammond to eat at Tommy's Pizza - it was the BEST pizza that I have ever had! Amazing actually! We finally arrived at Bryan's house around 9:30 and passed out.

On Saturday morning, we planned on getting up around 5, but I woke up about 4! It was freezing cold in New Orleans and the wind was blowing so hard. I was not excited to get out and run 13.1 miles. The race started at 7am.

I was able to run the first 3 miles without stopping - while training, I was only able to do the first mile. So this is accomplishment number one. My poor husband was having a hard time running at my pace because his stride is so much longer than mine. Finally about mile 8 he just ran ahead of me. So accomplishment number 2 - pushing myself to run. It was so much easier to run when I had someone to push me, but after he left, I just had to push myself. I'm not going to lie - there were many times when I wanted to quit. Two miles of the race was run through a park - and there was actually a moment where I just wanted to sit down on the bench and watch the ducks swim in the pond. But I didn't - I pushed myself to keep going.

Bryan finished at 2:24, Megan at 2:28, Ryle at 2:38, and I finished at 2:54. Our goal was to finish in 2:45. So it took me an extra nine minutes but I don't even care! I finished 13.1 miles - accomplishment number 3! I was so proud of myself! Of course when I crossed the finish line, I felt like I was going to die! Ryle asked the lady if he could put my medal on my neck - which was really sweet since he left me! Haha! Then I practically collapsed in his arms. I didn't have any sugar at all that day and was very weak. I have noticed that the Metformin affects me more when I have sugar in my system, so I did not use any Gu Packets or have any gum with sugar at all during the race. I also didn't get the Gatorade they passed out during the race - just water. So I was very weak at the end. While I was hugging/laying in Ryle's arms, I vaguely remember the medics coming and asking him if I was OK - He insisted that I was. I leaned back, told him I needed some sugar and he gave me gum. After that I felt a little better. Here are some pictures - please ignore how I look (my hair is a mess and I look like death!) ... I mean I did finish 13.1 miles!!

My crazy brother in his running outfit ... before the race (he was freezing)

Here I come...

My husband giving me my medal ...
Ryle supporting me ...
Yeah, I look like I'm dying: I'm telling him that I haven't had any sugar all morning...

Feeling better after I chewed on some gum... We did it - 13.1 miles

My love ...

 After the race we went to eat at an amazing diner! They have 14 inch pancakes. I know it's hard to believe, but it's true and it was amazing! Bryan and I shared one and we didn't even get half way finished with it! Then it was nap time. After that, we went out to a sports bar to watch some football. I wish I had someone to video us walking at that point. We did not look like we were in our 20s! We were all limping and looked about 80 something! I am so sore - from my lower back down. As I type, I'm icing my legs. I even think that my brother took an ice bath today! It's pretty ridiculous how sore I am. But I guess I asked for it!

14" pancake ... This was Ryle's double stack!

We then we to eat at a place called Jaques-imo's. It was real New Orleans Food! We had alligator cheesecake - I know it sounds nasty, but trust me - AMAZING! And it wasn't real cheesecake - just shaped like a piece of one. Then I had Blackened Red Fish, Red Beans and Rice, and mashed potatoes. One of the best meals I have ever had! This morning on the way out of town, we had beignets - also amazing! We told ourselves that if we finished the half marathon, that we could eat whatever we wanted. Now it's time to get back on our diet! I'm also going to do more Crossfit and less running. I may still try and run at least 2-3 miles a week, but nothing more!

Update on Metformin: Thanks to everyone who has stopped to talk to me about Metformin. I didn't know that so many people I knew were on it! Granted, they are not on it for PCOS, but it still helps to have someone to talk to about it. I started breaking the pill in half - half with breakfast, and half with lunch. This helps a lot, but I have still been getting TERRIBLE headaches during the day. Like borderline migraines ... which I am not a fan of! Like I said earlier in this post, I have noticed that if I eat something with a lot of sugar, that's when I get the nauseous feeling. So my new goal is to try and cut that out all together. But that is so hard for me, I LOVE DESSERT!! I did not take my pill yesterday because of the race - I didn't know how it would affect me since I was not taking it while I trained. I also didn't take it this morning. I will take it with dinner tonight. I have heard from a few people that taking it at night is better, so we shall see. I'll keep you updated!

Thanks for all the kind and encouraging words about the race and Metformin! I truly have the best friends and family a girl could ask for! I also just want to say that when someone tells me that my blog helps them, it makes me feel so much better. If me expressing my feelings and struggles throughout our whole infertility battle helps someone, then I'm glad. Thanks for reading, and thanks for telling me it helps you :)

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