Monday, October 24, 2011

The Results Are In!!

Well, today marked 2 weeks since I went in for the PCOS labs. I got tired of waiting, so I called this morning around 10 and left a message for Tina to call me back. And by 3:30, I just figured that they wouldn't call me until tomorrow. But they did! The nurse called to tell me that the results were in and my insulin level was high, but I would have to wait for the doctor tomorrow because she had already left.

But to my surprise - Tina called about 10 minutes later! Yay! I love my doctor, she is the best! We had a nice long chat and she told me that she thinks I would be a good candidate for Metformin. It will basically help my body use the insulin. I told her that I always thought I was borderline diabetic anyway because I can't eat a lot of candy, have sugar in my coffee, or even have a snow cone without my blood sugar levels getting all out of whack. She said that there is a strong possibility that I could actually be borderline diabetic, but that this medicine will help me a lot. It should also help me lose a few pounds - which excites me a whole lot since I am not losing any from running! I am supposed to eat a breakfast full of protein and a few carbs or I will get really sick - clammy, lightheaded, nauseous, etc.

I am a lucky girl to have a sis in law in pharmacy school and a good friend that works at a pharmacy. As soon as I got off the phone with Tina, I sent them both a text asking what they knew about Metformin, etc. They were both very helpful! Love ya Kim and Ruthie!! I also came home and looked it up online. Here's what I found out: "Metformin is a diabetes medicine sometimes used for lowering insulin and blood sugar levels in women with PCOS. This helps regulate menstrual cycles, start ovulation, and lower the risk of miscarriage, in women with PCOS. Long-term use also lowers diabetes and heart disease risk related to high insulin levels.It does not cause the pancreas to make more insulin. It also lowers fat (lipid and triglyceride) levels in the blood."

So I will start the Metformin in the morning .... hope it works :) I will keep try to keep you updated. Our half marathon is Saturday - wish me luck, I'm going to need it!

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