Thursday, February 09, 2012


Can I just start by saying that I LOVE my doctor and the whole staff in the Baton Rouge office?!

Well we got up at 4am to make the wonderfully boring trip to Baton Rouge this morning. We arrived around 8:30. Had the lab work and ultrasound done. Then we got to talk to our nurse, Mrs. Jackie, about the next steps. I have a 15mm, two 14mms, five 13mm follicles, and TONS of smaller ones. We have been taking a low dose of meds because of the PCOS. We don't want too many follicles to grow or mature. I'm happy with the 15 and 14mms. Ideally, the follicles need to be around 18mm to be completely mature.

We were worried about having to order more medicine, but ... GOOD NEWS ... they gave us what we needed so that we wouldn't have to order any more! It would have cost us about $300 if we did order it. I only needed a small amount, and I love that they are so willing to help you out over there! I mean who would have thought that they would just give us the medicine?! I know that I'm getting excited over two small vials of meds, but you have to understand -- the Shreveport clinic NEVER would have done that! NEVER! Ryle and I both looked at each other as we were walking out of the clinic and we both had smiles on our faces. It's amazing how happy we are with our choice to switch doctors.

I will continue with the same dosage tonight and tomorrow. We will have drive to their New Orleans office on Saturday for another ultrasound and some labs. Hopefully we will be doing the IUI on Monday in Baton Rouge. That's their best guess at this point. So tomorrow while I'm at work, I'm going to go ahead and make sub plans for Monday and maybe Tuesday just to be on the safe side!

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