Saturday, February 11, 2012


Ryle and I went to Metairie last night and stayed at my brother's house while he stayed at ours to take care of the pups. This morning we got to the clinic at 7:30 and didn't leave until 9! They were so busy. I was a little nervous about a different doctor reading the ultrasound and lab work results. But to our wonderful surprise, Dr. Dunaway was the doctor on duty in the Metairie office this morning! That immediately put us at ease.

My follicles are still growing - I had two 17mms, six 15mms, a few 14mms, and TONS of smaller ones. Remember, the follicles have to be at least 18mms to be mature enough to contain an egg. We are doing more shots tonight to give them an extra boost. They will continue to grow 1-2mms a day.

They called us back with the results and we are to do two of my three shots tonight. We are not going to to the 75u of Follistim. Tomorrow night between 10pm-12pm we will do the HCG trigger shot - this will induce ovulation. On Tuesday morning, we will return to the clinic in Baton Rouge for the IUI at 8am. Hopefully since we will be doing the IUI on Valentine's Day, we will have good luck!

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