Monday, March 07, 2011

The Wait

If I have learned anything from this experience, it is that you must have patience. I learned to wait. I made my appointment with the fertility clinic in January 2010 - there was a 3 month new patient wait. On my first visit they do the fun hour long "interview" to get all of your background information, an exam, and tons of bloodwork. Well they couldn't get me back in for 6 more weeks to go over the results. And then when I did go back, they didn't do the right bloodwork ... therefore I had yet another wait. All I wanted was an answer at this point. Is there a reason I'm not getting pregnant?

Finally it was decided that I have PCOS. They gave me more Clomid. It didn't work the first cycle, so we did Clomid with Dexamethasone. It also didn't work.

So now we moved on to Femera. And YAY! Finally I ovulated ... but did not get pregnant. I was ok with not being pregnant this cycle because I finally made some progress. Not a lot, but it felt like a huge step!

However, the next month on Femera I did not ovulate. This hurt a lot, I had gotten my hopes up on this drug. It was like starting all over. The doctor said that we should keep trying it. So we did. The next cycle produced good follicles ... but with no success. We still got a negative pregnancy test.

My doctor then suggested that we stay on Femera but add Repronex (injectables) and move on to IUIs instead of timed intercourse. Basically we now have to move on to the expensive treatment plan. I didn't take this news well. It was a terrible 2 hour ride home for me ... and for my husband because he had to listen to me!

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